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Domaine Alice et Quentin Beaufort

Domaine Alice Beaufort is a continuation of the work of the prestigious Champagne house, André et Jacques Beaufort, one of the pioneering Champagne houses in terms of organic viticulture, implemented since 1971.

In 2007 Quentin was was offered a 1.5-hectare vineyard at the North-Eastern tip of the Côte d'Or in Burgundy at Prusly-sur-Ource, very close to the Aube region. Technically the sparkling wines he makes here fall into the Crémant de Bourgogne appellation, though the terroir here is almost identical to that of the family-run domain at Polisy, just 23 kilometres further north in Champagne. The legislation here is more flexible than in Champagne and Quentin has the possibility of working more freely and generating an even more interesting and affordable quality.

This is as artisanal as it gets - everything is carried out by hand; our order was hand disgorged, bottle by bottle, the week before we collected. We opted for zero dosage for all the cuvées as we love the terroir expression that comes without the addition of any extra sugar. The wines are vital, razor sharp and damn exciting to drink!!

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Domaine Alice & Quentin Beaufort

Bourgogne Blanc Grande Charme, 2018 | Châtillonnais, Burgundy


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