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Domaine Nicolas Mariotti Bindi

After studying law in Paris, Nicolas decided to make a U-turn and return to his roots in Corsica to live his dream of winemaking. In 2007, he produced his first vintage.

With passion and above all, perseverance, Nicolas set up his winery in Oletta. Today, he organically grows 7 ha of vines on his domaine. Each plot of vines is worked with the intention of producing a wine unique to its terroir. Only small doses of SO2 are used during vinification and indicated on the label. The vineyards are worked with respect for the land and harvesting is carried out by hand and placed in 500l boxes in order to prevent the grapes from crushing.

The resulting wines are pure and precise with great texture and minerality. Nielluccio (Sangiovese) has the same crisp acidity, red fruit and perfume as Pinot Noir, while Vermentino has the body and mineral zip, if more overt aromatics, of Chardonnay. 

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