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Welcome to Tête-à-Tête - our feature where we get an insight into the lives and homes of those we admire in the world of food, wine and design.

This week we've been in conversation with model, designer and ultimate It-Man, Max Hurd.

Your home is a work of art in itself which you quite hilariously said is part Oscar Wilde, by way of a Brazilian bordello with just a touch of Marie Antoinette. Where is your go-to place for treasure hunting for all of those touches and trinkets that make your house a home?

The touches and trinkets that my house is practically built on have been collected over the course of my 32 years on this planet, I am a massive hoarder - so nothing gets thrown away. I have pieces in this house that I have had since I was a child! That being said, Portobello Road has always been a goldmine for me, especially on Thursdays and Fridays. Over the last few years Instagram has also become a great way of finding little antique shops and dealers across the country!

Dining and drinking in Brazil must be a world away from autumnal London, so if someone was looking to bring a bit of Brazilian warmth to their table this autumn, what would your suggestion be?

It's got to be a Caipirinha - absolutely lethal but delicious! Food-wise you can't beat a Pao de Queso - sadly I can't eat them any more as my stomach decided to rebel against dairy, but they are absolutely delicious!

It sounds like drinks parties and long dinners (such as the annual Gay Christmas) are very much part of your home roster. We would love to know of any dinner disasters or evenings gone awry. . .

Oh god, well, I am not the world's greatest cook so the food is always somewhat of a disaster. I have been known to get my guests cooking; one time my friend Tom, who is a fantastic chef was in charge of cooking - he turned up with a full pizza oven which promptly fused my entire kitchen and the amount of smoke pouring out of the bloody thing meant we had to decamp outside!

What is the best dining experience you've had in the past year and why?

Probably my first date with my boyfriend Edoardo. We went to Jikoni's in Marylebone. The food is beyond good and the whole atmosphere of the place is fantastic. It's warm, delicious and original, without being fussy or pretentious. We loved it, and it kick started our relationship! In fact, it's only thanks to their chickpea fritters that we are together. He was 20 minutes late, and if they hadn't brought them out to keep me company, there is a good chance I would have left!!

For us, food and wine is so often about the hi-lo combinations. What are your creature comforts, the secret things you like to savour in the comfort of your own home?

Nothing I ever do is secret. It takes a lot to make me embarrassed so I am pretty open about the things I like. When I am at home most of the time I can be found lounging around in a robe of some sort, swinging my cat round and blaring Taylor Swift!

The debate rages on for this one, but what would it be: long lunch or decadent dinner?

Easy. Both. Ideally one following the other.

What are you drinking at the moment?

El Cielo Tequila from Patrón and I love the Sauvignon Blanc from Guy Allion!

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