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Emile Q&A with Frances Costelloe

Emile Q&A with Frances Costelloe


Emile Wines and Frances Costelloe have worked together on the logo and branding for the business since it was founded in 2020. Together they have created a visual identity based on fun, creativity and a love of good wine. Frances asks Elly and Becca Perry why they do what they do:

FC: Emile Wines - love the name where did it come from?

EW: We wanted something timeless, with longevity, ultimately a name we wouldn’t regret five years down the line - so we named the company after Becca’s son. We are a fully family run company so it felt right, even if a lot of people assume Emile is the boss!! Though we very much hope he is the future of the company.

FC: Why did you decide to start Emile?

EW: For us 2020 was a year of reflection and out of that came creative drive. After endless lockdown nights sat around the kitchen table we decided we wanted to create our dream portfolio of winemakers - the wines we were desperate to drink and not easily found in the UK.

FC: You have worked a lot with me ( FC ) to create the logo, branding and artwork for the site and business. Why was it important to work with an artist to create your visual identity?

EW: We wanted a unique look. Something beautiful, original and authentic, much like the wines we import.

We’ve known you and have been buying your art for several years and just felt your distinctive look was such a good fit for Emile - we were delighted when you said yes! 

FC: What makes you different from other wine shops?

EW: We’re specialists, and proudly so! We also offer a really relaxed, approachable and inclusive space. Having worked in the industry for so long and feeling so tired with all the pomp and ceremony we just wanted to strip it all back and focus on the enjoyment of great wine. We also want to bring together items that make drinking and sharing wine at home so enjoyable from aprons, decanters and ceramics.

FC: You have mostly wine from Burgundy on site - why this region specifically?

EW: Burgundy was the first wine region both of us visited, and naturally Baby Emile's first visit was aged 4 months! It's hard not to fall in love with this magical place. It's centred on wine and with that comes great food, great people and beautiful landscapes. It is an utterly unique place.

We work with winemakers throughout the region and don't just focus on the big names. It’s such an incredibly diverse wine region with so much to discover and we feel hugely passionate about all of the growers we represent from the grand crus to lesser known regions - we champion them all!

FC: The world of wine is traditionally male - what do you bring as women to this industry?

EW: Like many industries it is predominantly male and there aren't many solely female run importers or merchants.

Talking with one of our female winemakers recently we had a brilliant discussion about how differently a woman thinks, tastes and evaluates wine. It's a different sensibility and we want to bring a part of that to everything we do at Emile.

We are also so proud to represent a large number of women winemakers and women headed wineries.

FC: Red or White?

EW: Controversially, probably white! Nothing beats a beautifully aged white Burgundy and the complexity that comes with cellared white wine is a phenomenal and rare experience. Generally with the food we eat white tends to be a better fit. We love both, but for us white probably takes the top spot most of the time.

FC: Desert Island wine?

EW: 1990 Le Clos, Dauvissat - the wine that convinced Becca just how incredible old Chablis is.

FC: Best wine to impress at a dinner party?

EW: White Burgundy and we would always take a bottle from Jean-Yves Devevey. He's making insanely good wines which are a total steal when considering the quality. Serve it blind and everyone will think it's a really good Chassagne or Puligny.

FC: Best Christmas wine / NYE celebration?

EW: Champagne!

FC: Best everyday wine?

EW: Aligoté - brilliant value, versatile and delicious - great as an aperitif.

FC: What’s your favourite wine and food combination?

EW: Roast chicken always with red or white Burgundy. Keep it simple.

FC: Plans for the future?

EW: More events, always adding great new winemakers to the portfolio and creating the Club Emile community.

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