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Tendresse Cour-Cheverny, 2016 | Cour-Cheverny, Loire

Made from 100% Romorantin. It is off-dry from grapes that are partially raisined and partially infected with noble rot.

Region: Cour-Cheverny, Loire

Grape/s: Romorantin

Farming: Organic & biodynamic (certified)

Tasting Note: Off-dry. An incredible wine that is beautifully expressive with notes of honey, mango, ripe lemon and yellow plum. Smooth and luxurious with vibrant, tingling acidity.

Background: These grapes are lightly botrytised and raisined. The vinification is as with all of their other cuvées; fermentation and élévage in stainless steel to retain the purity and freshness of the wines.

Serving: Cold - but not too cold! (10–12°C)

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